My grandfather was a school teacher and the most respected person in our village. Now also people comes to him seeking his teachings of facing a situation. Not only students but their parents and even many of the villagers. So he says only truth and that’s what I ve heard. He is now in a pathetic condition because of a chronic disease which is affecting him. He says his life experiances to me always. I listen it with great plesure. Now here is the story which I was amazed after hearing.

My grandfather and a group of 10 people were coming down to pamba from sanidanam at sabarimala. It was makaravilakku time and they  were unmounting at the night.

He and his group was in their early 30’s. so they were adventure likers. They decided to take a new route known as pullumedu. Pullumedu then was a tough forest route. In the initial hours they were courageous but as the forest  became tougher and the dew was at its maximum they found lost in the forest. Some started to call ‘swamiye ayyapa’ very loudly. Others  started to cry.They found wretched. They felt like they are fainting to death since it’s a tiger reserve area. Suddenly they heard the sounds of a foots from somewhere near.  they saw a very old man who was also unmounting from sabarimala. He made them to relax from the fainting fear and showed them the route to the town. When they reached the town it was the reddish morning. So some went to have a tea and some went to toilet. Suddenly they forgot a big thing. Where is that old man gone? Escaping from the single glance of the whole 14 people!

Since then they believe that that old man who relaxed them from the fainting fear and showed them route to home is Swami Ayyapa himself. My grandfather says this story to me such great passion.

A agonostic like me certainly would not have believed the story. But the flames and the passion in my grandfathers eye makes me believe the story.



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